Nexxtep has been working with healthcare organizations since our inception in 2002.  We have supported doctors’ offices with as few as 5 employees and hospitals with as many as 340 employees. We have a robust knowledge of the technology issues facing the healthcare industry.

As technology becomes more and more intertwined into the daily activities of your organization, network uptime and fast response times become crucial.  With Nexxtep, you will get unbeatable service and very fast response times.  You will also benefit from streamlined, scalable IT costs.

Healthcare IT Services

For Hospitals

  • Complete IT  Outsourcing
  • Virtual CIO Consulting
  • Technology Auditing
  • IT Project Assistance
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Application Development and Custom Report Writing

For Healthcare Practices

  • N-Care Managed IT Support
  • “Virtual CIO” Consulting
  • Technology Auditing
  • Hardware/Software Purchasing, Installation and Configuration

“Why do I trust Nexxtep? It’s simple enough- because they deliver.”

Shamb Purohit, CFO
Colquitt Regional Medical Center